This is the 10th anniversary of Iwama ShinShin Aiki Shurenkai. The spirit and technique of Aikido that O’Sensei made and Morihiro sensei continued to teach. I saw O’sensei’s kiai, techniques and prayers to god, and felt a special mood when I grew up. There are now not many people who knew O’Sensei left alive. I felt a sense of incongruity in the aikido world when I started this group ten years ago. It was not unusual that a budo style might disappear within just one generation.

At the end of last year, I found a photo of O’sensei and a young Kisshomaru sensei. They are facing each other with Ken and Jo in front of a waterfall in Tanabe. Kisshomaru sensei’s jo kamae is clearly the same as taught in our style. It proved that he was taught by O’Sensei. But no one will teach this if we don’t teach it. It’s difficult for beginners to understand that Aikido is based on buki waza. I think the first step of keiko is to practice what O’Sensei did modestly. This is basis of Iwama ShinShin Aiki Shurenkai.

I want to share O’sensei’s ideas and feelings about our Aikido with everyone in the world.

At the last, I’ve never forgotten the relationship between master and man, between the Ueshiba family and the Saito family.


Saito Hitohira 



Thank you very much to Mr. and Mrs Attey for their translation.

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